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1)Custom "Lead
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•Special Report •Top Ten List
•Infographic •White Paper
•Case Study •Mini e-book
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3)Free Email
Marketing Account
Where the magic happens!
Visitors are immediately
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Build and market to your list!
• Free MailChimp account
• Popup web ads •Lead Database
• Autoresponder email campaigns
4)Two lead nurturing/
Sales emails
Start selling as soon as they
sign up! The device you will use
regularly to:
a) Maintain contact with
list members.
b)Provide list with
valuable, entertaining information.
c) Sell your goods and services.

Need A Copywriter? Hire A...

If you're in Publishing or Graphic Arts
and are in need of compelling, relevant
marketing copy, the difference is clear.
Need a Copywriter?

Hire A Graphic Artist.
With 15 years experience as a Prepress hiring manager, I speak your language. That means I'll hit the ground running.
I get your business and know the terminology. I'll deliver your projects quickly and more accurately, with fewer re-writes, interruptions and clarifications.

But regardless of your product or content needs, I am confident that my diverse background and career experience will allow me to quickly and cost effectively serve your company.
Don't need a Graphic Arist?
How about a Business Journalist?
Having written magazine articles on everything from Advertising to Agribusiness to the Arts, I've learned to simplify and explain complex subjects in a clear and
concise manner.

...or maybe a Technical Writer

Newspaper Publisher
I have developed and implemented two local newspapers from the ground floor.
In conjunction with my position as Media Director
for a Christian Community Center, I created, wrote
and designed a publication focused on neighborhood development and services for the needy.
Additionally, I wrote press releases and promotional material for the center.
Concurrently, I created and published a local entertainment newspaper. As publisher, I created the look and style as well as coordinating sales and circulation.
Web Developer
I have written, programmed, designed, maintained
and sold numerous websites.
I possess hands on knowledge of HTML, Javascript,
CSS and WordPress.
SEO/Web Marketer
Keyword Research; SEO Copywriting.
Writing, design, programming of landing pages containing php forms with file uploads, downloads, autoresponders.
Oh, and one other thing...
I'm also a small business owner...Like You!!!